Trees are an essential part of our lives. They offer more for us than just scenic beauty. And just like with all things nature, trees must be treated with the utmost proper handling and care. There are a variety of reasons people want to plant trees; whether it be to grow fruits and vegetables or bring life to their yards. But with the motive to plant trees, also come concerns to remove them. Read on to see the “not so obvious” reasons.

Structural Problems

Many factors can affect a tree that would prompt a person to have it removed, such as if a tree has structural problems like interior decay. Trees decay from the inside out and can lead to a failing foundation. Trees with structural defects can pose a huge danger to its surroundings. Dead branches can fall and cause harm to people and things around them, cracks and a leaning angle can lead to root and building damage, tipping risks and uplifted soil.

Too Large For Its Location

While large trees are usually a positive asset for shade and park hangouts, it can become a hazard if it grows too big for its location. Large trees that are too close to buildings may be a fire risk and cause damage to the building’s foundation. More concerns can occur if the tree’s roots extend beneath the ground causing pavements to rise making it difficult for people to walk on sidewalks. It can also create plumbing issues if the roots spread to the underground pipes. Another danger is its overgrown branches which can tangle with power lines and communication lines. When it comes to a tree too big for its worth, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and remove all potential dangers.


Insect Infestation

Small insects can make a huge impact. Most species are harmless to a tree but there are more than a few that can negatively affect a tree’s life. Insects can swarm a tree and attack certain areas to use for their nutritional or shelter needs. Some common insect infestations are caused by beetles, moths and wood-boring insects. Beetles break through the inner bark layer of a tree and interrupt its water distribution while moths stop the photosynthesis process by eating the leaves of the tree. Wood-boring insects dig deep into the wood weakening it and can introduce disease organisms, which can severely damage or kill the tree.

Insect Infestation


There are plenty of reasons for a tree removal service, but these are just some to help you understand that keeping a bad tree does more harm than good in the long run. Although trees are beautiful and attract wildlife, it’s important to consider the future of your property when it comes to safety. If you’re in need of tree removal, call on us at the Palm Tree Service Inc., for a professional consultation.